"I can't tell you how much easier life was travelling with a nine-foot mal tucked away in a 4'6" suitcase!!
And no excess baggage charge!!"

This is the surfboard that is going to redefine longboard surf travel into the future!

Our 2piece longboards perform like any other modern epoxy surfboard but with the unique advantage of being able to be separated into two easy to manage pieces. The board packs neatly into its own airline friendly custom bag for hassle free travel. Your long board can be locked in the car (or boot) for added security.

Shapes are by longboard guru Wayne Rich and construction is a combination of epoxy and carbon fibre over a foam core making the boards light and responsive in the surf but also incredibly strong. Whether you want to surf the globe or just stop at the pub on the way home from the beach, these boards add a new level of freedom for the growing band of longboarders around the world.



Japan agent: www.bisectjapan.jp


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